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As it is getting more difficult to rank high on Google, we help your business website through great design, quality content creation and serious SEO. Not just to please Google, but also to please you, your customers and us.

Bastion Services
What We Do
We have helped many clients from different countries to succeed in achieving their goals. Most clients are still with us after many years. Here are just some:
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A slow website without Search Engine Optimisation and weak content will never rank high on Google Search. It's a combination of a speedy website, content that is optimised for Google, and local as well as technical SEO, that makes it work.
We make it work.

We create websites for every company, every person and every idea.
We optimize for Google from the start, for more traffic, more sales and happier customers.

The freshness of the content plays a major role in any SEO strategy. From the initial idea to the published text, all content is SEO optimized in English, German and everything in-between.

Almost anyone can create a website, but not everyone can make it rank on Google. We make sure your page is found.

For all customers who want to rank even higher than the organic position on Google: Paid ads are for fast customer acquisition and we make them possible.

It’s not just about coupons and cashback anymore: find new customers through influencers, major news websites, apps and websites that match your products.

Let’s talk.


Just contact us and tell us what you want to achieve and we tell you how to achieve it. Let's make this work.