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YOYONI is a young company owned by a Swiss couple. They produce femometers. Femometers are a kind of fever thermometer, but measure the temperature even more precisely, and are used to identify fertile days for a planned pregnancy or for natural contraception.




Affiliate Marketing



YOYONI helped thousands of women to accurately measure their fertile days in order to get pregnant. As it was a relatively young brand, their challenge was brand recognition. That is why they contacted BASTION to help.

To raise awareness of the brand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we set up an affiliate programme for YOYONI and activated influencers, blog operators, voucher and cashback sites to promote YOYONI as a brand, the femometer and the accompanying products. We were able to visibly increase awareness of the company via display campaigns. The right mix of affiliate verticals and  precise traffic evaluation was key to the success of this channel.
In addition, we acted as consultants for other online marketing channels and general branding measures.

It Worked.

There is nothing more fortunate for a couple who wish to have babies to finally get a positive pregnancy test. Many couples try for years without any success. YOYONI simplifies the process, by accurately predicting on what days the chances of pregnancy are the highest. At BASTION we are happy to have indirectly helped this process, by making YOYONI as a brand more popular.