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For the Danish watch label Nordgreen, we dove deep into Affiliate Marketing to raise awareness of the relatively young label.




Affiliate Marketing


Since 2019

Nordgreen is a company that has set itself the goal of producing the most sustainable watch there is. For this client BASTION covered the German, Austrian and Switzerland markets.

Our contacts with influencers and bloggers played as much of a role in Nordgreen’s success as the use of voucher codes and the negotiation of regular prominent advertising space as a branding measure. By repeatedly targeting new users, we were able to increase webshop traffic and convert it into sales.


Modern Design.

For 25 years and counting, Jakob Wagner continues to make his mark on Danish design. His works express his passion for design through aesthetic appeal and practical purpose. His design of Nordgreen’s Pioneer model was recognised with the Red Dot Design Award in 2020, while in 2021 his design of our Philosopher piece was awarded with the iF Design Award, as well as the Good Design Award in Japan.

Giving Back.

Nordgreen is very much invested in their Giving Back Program that focuses on Health, Education and the Environment. For this, Nordgreen works with three NGO partners - "Pratham UK", "Cool Earth" and "Water for Good".

When customers buy a Nordgreen product, they can decide on check-out what NGO Nordgreen should support. So every product sold contributes to a meaningful cause.

BASTION is proud to work with a company, that not only produces and sells products, but also gives something back and helps people along the way.

Nordgreen female watch