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Who doesn't want a mouth full of 18K-Gold, Chrome and Diamonds? PrimeGrillz are the New Kids On The Block in terms of high quality dental jewellery Made in Germany.
And BASTION placed them on Page 1 in Google Search.




Consulting, SEO,
Content Creation,
Web Design


Since 2023

PrimeGrillz has approached us to help them get into the Grillz market in Germany. With more than 22 years of experience in everything dental, they are eager to broaden their portfolio. 

A lot of planning and strategy went into the initial phase, as we wanted to make a real splash in the market with, as well as the subdomain

Patience, meticulous keyword research, and content creation as well as the design of both sites were key to success.We are very proud of how this played out.

Since we are responsible for both websites, we are able to fine tune all elements perfectly for search engine optimisation.
The result is two very fast pages that rank high on Google.