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Movisi is a really friendly German company that produces sustainable modular furniture and has already received several awards for it. The practical room dividers and shelves are particularly popular with large companies such as Google, BMW and the BBC.




Affiliate Marketing



Flexibility, mobility and sustainability are the pillars of Movisi. The German company was founded in 2009 and specialises in manufacturing modular and multifunctional furniture. Partition systems, modular shelving and modular seating furniture for offices, trade fairs, events, modern homes and other environments where flexible or temporary solutions are needed.

Just like for our Danish clients Nordgreen and MessyWeekend, we also used our affiliate contacts for Movisi to generate traffic and sales. Here we became globally active, as Movisi delivers to almost all countries in the world. The challenge here was a strict price policy, so we worked almost exclusively with bloggers, influencers and architectural websites.


100% Green.

The lungs of MOVISI are green. Deep green. We know that a green logo or label does not make an environmentally friendly company. That's why we at BASTION are so proud to have MOVISI as a partner. Since the first piece of furniture that MOVISI has produced since its founding, it has been important to the company that all furniture is free of harmful substances and up to 100% recyclable. Since all products are manufactured in Germany, long production chains are eliminated and at the same time guarantee the highest quality standards.

Design is King.

As a company, MOVISI has received many design awards for their innovative, environmentally friendly products. Does it then come as a surprise that companies and organisations like Google, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, BMW, the United Nations, the BBC, Ferrari, the European Parliament and so many more are using MOVISI products in their offices and showrooms? We are so proud to have worked with MOVISI, as they make the world just a little bit stylisher and better.