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Our client, the dentist Dr Reiniger, asked us to create an online magazine for a younger target group. This is how the Schöne Zähne München (SZM) project came about.


Dentist Reiniger


Consulting, SEO,
Content Creation,
Web Design


Since 2021

For more than a decade the dental practice Dr. Reiniger has been located in a prime location in Munich-Germany.

Originally they contacted BASTION to get a new website for their dental practice. After it's successful launch, they asked us to create this online magazine, targeting younger people, who would stay with this dentist for years. We are currently working on a third website project for this client. We must be doing something right.

The design of the site uses the latest web trends, and for the colour selection we spent some time studying colour psychology on the web.

Since we are responsible for the entire website, i.e. design, programming, content and images, we can fine tune all elements perfectly for search engine optimisation.
The result is a very fast page that ranks high on Google and brings additional visitors to the main page and thus new patients for the dental practice. 

On The Edge.

In the magazine, edgy topics are analysed sometimes. In this case the topic was "Forensic identification", or how one can identify dead people, when the only thing that's left is the teeth.

BASTION asked the client to trust us on this topic and it paid off: The article generates a lot of traffic for the website. People are fascinated by this.

Website Traffic.

Here an example of how we promoted professional mouth guards in the SZM-online magazine. The mouth guards, handmade and unique for every patient who needs it, cost between $200 - $300 USD a piece and are produced in the dental lab of our client. Again, this article generated a lot of traffic for the client.