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ShoreClub Vietnam

The Shore Club is a prestigious beach club in Hoi An, Vietnam that regularly hosts food courts and legendary beach parties.


ShoreClub Vietnam





Shore Club is Hoi An’s premier beachfront dining and lifestyle destination. Located on a picturesque private stretch of sand in the heart of An Bang Beach, you’ll discover absolute beachfront luxury delivered with casual elegance. Indulge in outstanding local and international dishes while sipping on one of our world-class cocktails, mesmerizing mocktails or premium international wines.

For these events, we ran Google Ads over a period of two years, targeting different regions and age groups to promote these events to locals and tourists.

shoreclub bbq


The food, the parties, the events... ShoreClub surely isnt to be missedwhen in Hoi An. It'sadreamat a private beach and it was a dream working with them. Again, just like with our client Da Bao, Vietnamese clients just want us to deliver without getting involved in pesky details. And delivered we have.