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Doctor Zuch

Orthodontist Dr Zuch contacted us in early 2024 to create a professional website for her new practice in Munich. BASTION was recommended to Dr Zuch by an existing client.


Orthodontist Dr. Zuch


Consulting, SEO,
Content Creation,
Web Design


Since 2024

In contrast to most of our other clients, Dr Zuch wasn't interested in gaining a number 1 spot on Google search, not interested in Analytics and data. She just wanted a modern, good looking website that reflected her business.

Despite Dr Zuch's easy-going approach to PageSpeed, SEO and Analytics, BASTION still made sure the website is fast, responsive, lightweight and is found high on Google, despite substantial competition in the dental care market. After first evaluating the websites of Dr Zuch's direct competitors and understand their shortcomings that we could exploit, we did just that. With a very good outcome and to the complete satisfaction for our client. To be fair, it wasn't all one way. Dr. Zuch was easy to work with, not only by providing us with all the content we needed while following our standards, but also placing her complete trust in us and let us do what we do best.


The homepage is done! Really great! Thank you very much for your great effort and your help and your patience with me 🙂
It was a lot of fun!

Best regards
- Mrs Dr Helena Zuch, 20/04/2024 -