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Apart from our clients PrimeGrillz, BASTION also takes care of yet another Grillz project. Grillz Germany exists since 2020 and they contacted us because their existing website needed to be replaced with a proper one and they also wanted a Shop page. We are currently working on both websites.




Consulting, SEO,
Content Creation,
Web Design


Since 2023

GrillzGermany has approached us to create a new website, fully optimised, fully SEO ready, with a proper design language. They also need a responsive Shop Website and we are currently working on both sites.

After an evaluation of what isn't right on their current Website, BASTION got to work. A new, better, leaner, Google friendlier theme, optimised Grillz pictures, a website that is fun and good looking and a Shop page made for an easy shopping experience.  

It's not done yet. We are working on it. We are halfway there. In the meantime here is a direct quote from the client:
"Bisher bin ich sehr begeistert von eurer Arbeit! Alles toll soweit!"

We are working on it.